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We want to say “CONGRATULATIONS” on your engagement!  Weddings by Miss Araebia is a boutique studio dedicated to giving an incredible experience as you embark on the most exciting journey of your life!  Holy Matrimonies last only a day, but the memories live on for generations.  This is why we feel it is so important to find a photographer who can deliver you a stunning portfolio of moments and emotion captured in time which reflect your individual personalities and how those manifest in your relationship.  Like any studio, each relationship is unique and we aim to tailor our products and services to bring out the essence of your love for each other.   Hopefully I can help you understand what sets Miss Araebia Photography apart from other photographers in the

Waco TX | Dallas TX | Central TX area. Our focus is on you!

At Miss Araebia Photography, we hold an incredible passion for life, love, Jesus and documenting the emotional moments that add meaning to our lives.  Our approach to photography is natural and relationship oriented; we love to get to know our clients long before putting them in front of the lens.  Our goals are to create a special vision together with you, and immortalize the bonds, emotions and moments that can't be re-lived or replaced.  At, Weddings by Miss Araebia We are a Mom & Daughter team that LOVED planning weddings and through our experiences in planning our own wedding, we realized the great need for exceptional and affordable photographers who also understand how to provide a stress-free experience.  Today, Miss Araebia Weddings have made appearances in several publications in print, blogs  and online wedding magazines and have over 7 years of experience.  


Quite Possibly the greatest talent you will find behind the lens in Dallas TX & the surrounding area.





Miss Araebia Photography implemented a new policy on 01/01/2014 that we will no longer give a reason for why we are not available for your wedding.  Every couple will receive the generic response “Unfortunately, I’m not available for YOUR wedding” (emphasis added).



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